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Maxi, Take Two

I’ve been tweaking my maxi skirt pattern this week. I finally have it how I want it-fitted from hip to knee and then tapered from knees to ankles. Oh, and I used Girlcharlee fabric for this one.

The waistband
The waistband is cut on the bias so there’s a nice curve to it, but it does make the print of the fabric look a little crazy. It looks a lot better when it’s not zoomed in on like that picture above.

Silly pose.

I entered this skirt in Skirt Week just for fun. Wanna make a skirt? You should-and enter it in skirt week because anybody can.

Now it’s time to get this skirt pattern done and up in my shop.

Pattern Adventures

Riley Blake is buying 12 paper copies of each of my patterns, so I packed them in a box and shipped them off yesterday.
The boys and I wanted to ride our bikes to the post office to mail the package, and even though it was gently raining when we were ready to leave we decided we’d still ride our bikes.
We sort of had to, because we already told the dog we were going on a walk, and it’s never nice to disappoint a dog.
It started raining really hard a few minutes into our ride. My 8 year old laughed giddily and said it was an adventure. It was definitely an adventure! We were completely soaked by the time we made it to the post office.
But we got the patterns safely mailed, and I heaved a huge sigh of relief to have that finished. 
As for the doggie, she loved her wet little walk.

My Maxi Skirt

Saturdays are fun because my husband usually takes the boys outside to play for awhile and I get to sew in peace.

Yesterday that meant I had time to finish a maxi skirt from my first attempt at the pattern. It sewed up fairly quickly and I am happy with it. I will need to change a little bit, like I am going to add a little bit more taper to the bottom. I don’t like things that are super flowy or loose-I guess I am more of a form fitting kind of girl. But I do think it would do better with just a tad more width at the bottom.

Anyway, here it is:

My cute doggie.

It’s definitely a comfortable skirt. I even jumped on the trampoline with my kids while wearing it! I would have put a picture up just to show you, but I found out I make very strange faces when I jump on the trampoline.

Oh, and I do love ruffles so I couldn’t resist adding a ruffle to the bottom.

The pattern for this skirt should be available in the next couple of weeks.

Four For Friday


This is Austin, wearing a cardigan she sewed out of my pattern (see tabs above to check out the pattern). She did a great job!
2. I drafted a pattern for a pair of jeans a few months ago and then made a pair. I made another pair this week, except shorts this time. 
Jeans take a lot of work. Both times I’ve made them it’s felt like I would never finish them. But then I do and I’m so happy!
The front.
Closeup of details.
Waistband, zipper, and belt loops.
3. I ordered some clothing labels a few weeks ago, and they finally came! The jeans are the first thing I’ve put a label in.
4. My next project is a maxi skirt. I’ve been drafting the pattern today and I’m almost ready to cut one out and see how it goes. I’m pretty pumped about that.
Your turn:
Do you own a maxi skirt? Have you ever made one?


Girl Charlee Fabrics

I wrote in my last post about my love for because they have such great fabric.

Now I’m pretty excited because my patterns are available on their website! You can check them out here.

And, if that’s not enough, you can see a blog post about the patterns available on their site here.


A Week Of Sewing

I love looking back at the week and seeing what I’ve accomplished in my sewing world. Last week was eventful! Besides getting my patterns finished, I also:

1. Drafted a pattern for some shorts for my 4 year old and then made a pair to test my pattern out.

I drafted a pattern for some shorts for him a few weeks ago, but they came out all wrong. They had too much fabric at the top and they looked ridiculous on his skinny little body. I didn’t want to try again for awhile, but this week I decided it was time.

They turned out much better this time. I was going for something similar to these ready to wear shorts:

Don’t mind my feet in the bottom of the photo ha ha.

and this is what I ended up getting:

Cute little closed-eyes-boy.

Pants in action.

I love easy projects like little boys’ shorts. I will be making more of these for him!

2. I guess it was a week for shorts, because I finished a pair for my baby, too. I used this pattern from I have made these pants a bundle of times because we cloth diaper our baby and these pants have a panel in the rear to accommodate big cloth diapered bums.

I adjusted the pattern for shorts. I also added some length to the top because I love to use wide sports elastic in my boys’ bottoms.

3. I made yet another t-shirt out of my scoop pattern. This one is made out of fabric from I love their fabric! They have such cute prints and I’ve been pleased with all the fabric I’ve ordered from them.

I hemmed the bottom of this shirt with a turned under hem, I made the sleeves a little longer, and left the flowers off. It’s like a whole different shirt!