Twill Pants For An 8 Year Old

I bought a class from called Jean-uis! Even though I bought it on sale, I would have paid the full price for this class because it has been awesome for me.

It’s taught by Kenneth D. King and in it he teaches you how to draft a pattern from an existing pair of jeans (without cutting them up or anything) so that you can make your favorite pair of store bought jeans. Then he walks you through every step of the construction of a test pair, and then the actual pair.

I have used the principles I learned in this class for all of my pattern drafting.

I drafted a pattern for a pair of pants for my 8 year old from a pair he has from The Children’s Place. He loves them because they have an elasticated waist (he hates zipper pants), but they’re falling apart. They cost a lot and so now I can make him some very similar for half the price.

My plea for him to put on a freshly finished pair and let me take his picture was met with about this much enthusiasm:

I finally gave up and just took pictures of him playing around.

This is the first pair of pants I have made with a pocket bag. I’m pretty pumped about that.

I am excited to have this pattern done because it’s pretty versatile. I made a pair of church pants using this pattern a couple of weeks ago. I just changed the topstitching to be very low key and I made them with a flat front.

I used this tutorial to figure out how to adjust my pattern for a flat front.

You won’t be seeing him in the flat front pants. It was hard enough getting him into one pair for a picture!

Now, I’m going to make him some shorts out of the pattern because we are so ready for Summer to come!

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