Super Simple

My baby has been a horrible sleeper since he was born. But just this week, at nearly 11 months old, he has slept through the entire night twice. With my newfound energy, I whipped up two simple projects.

First off, I made some yoga pants a few months ago that are super comfortable and I’ve worn them every chance I get. I used a Burda pattern that is very good and I didn’t have to change anything about the pattern, except for the length (I’m a shortie). Oh, and I serged some 1/4″ clear elastic into the waistband. I love clear elastic because it gives such great recovery to seams. In these pants, it helps the waistband keep its shape so it doesn’t stretch out and sag by the end of a day of wearing.

I ordered some more fabric to make another pair, but I always found something more pressing to sew first so I never got them finished.

Now it’s too hot for pants. So I used the same pattern to make some shorts. I cut the pants off just below the knee and added some bands.

They’re super simple and sooo comfortable. I will be making more and I will probably live in them this summer.




Second, I made a t-shirt for my baby using this pattern. It was super quick and easy.

He loves to ride his rocking horse.

And now I’m having a restful Mother’s Day, free of sewing. Although, I am thinking about my Mother’s Day present that is on the way, which is (of course!) more fabric. I got some of this and I am way excited to make a maxi dress out of it.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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