A Week Of Sewing

I love looking back at the week and seeing what I’ve accomplished in my sewing world. Last week was eventful! Besides getting my patterns finished, I also:

1. Drafted a pattern for some shorts for my 4 year old and then made a pair to test my pattern out.

I drafted a pattern for some shorts for him a few weeks ago, but they came out all wrong. They had too much fabric at the top and they looked ridiculous on his skinny little body. I didn’t want to try again for awhile, but this week I decided it was time.

They turned out much better this time. I was going for something similar to these ready to wear shorts:

Don’t mind my feet in the bottom of the photo ha ha.

and this is what I ended up getting:

Cute little closed-eyes-boy.

Pants in action.

I love easy projects like little boys’ shorts. I will be making more of these for him!

2. I guess it was a week for shorts, because I finished a pair for my baby, too. I used this pattern from made-by-rae.com/. I have made these pants a bundle of times because we cloth diaper our baby and these pants have a panel in the rear to accommodate big cloth diapered bums.

I adjusted the pattern for shorts. I also added some length to the top because I love to use wide sports elastic in my boys’ bottoms.

3. I made yet another t-shirt out of my scoop pattern. This one is made out of fabric from girlcharlee.com. I love their fabric! They have such cute prints and I’ve been pleased with all the fabric I’ve ordered from them.

I hemmed the bottom of this shirt with a turned under hem, I made the sleeves a little longer, and left the flowers off. It’s like a whole different shirt!

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