Four For Friday


This is Austin, wearing a cardigan she sewed out of my pattern (see tabs above to check out the pattern). She did a great job!
2. I drafted a pattern for a pair of jeans a few months ago and then made a pair. I made another pair this week, except shorts this time. 
Jeans take a lot of work. Both times I’ve made them it’s felt like I would never finish them. But then I do and I’m so happy!
The front.
Closeup of details.
Waistband, zipper, and belt loops.
3. I ordered some clothing labels a few weeks ago, and they finally came! The jeans are the first thing I’ve put a label in.
4. My next project is a maxi skirt. I’ve been drafting the pattern today and I’m almost ready to cut one out and see how it goes. I’m pretty pumped about that.
Your turn:
Do you own a maxi skirt? Have you ever made one?

5 thoughts on “Four For Friday

  1. Austin

    I don’t have a maxi skirt…I have been wanting one though. I need to find the right one…I am curvy and sometimes they just make me look fat and really wide.

  2. Emily

    You’re amazing! I love your labels, how cute!

    I own a couple maxi skirts & I really like them. They’re the kind of skirts that I can wear with a t-shirt during the week & with a nicer shirt for sundays. I’m a big fan of that kind of thing. 🙂 Also a big fan of skirts I can wear without having to shave my legs!

  3. Michelle Jensen

    Cute shorts!! I love Austin’s cardigan too. The color is awesome. I really want to make one of those for myself. It is perfect for the summer for nicer occasions like weddings in the evening. I really love it. And yep Maxi skirts are the best of course 🙂


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