My Maxi Skirt

Saturdays are fun because my husband usually takes the boys outside to play for awhile and I get to sew in peace.

Yesterday that meant I had time to finish a maxi skirt from my first attempt at the pattern. It sewed up fairly quickly and I am happy with it. I will need to change a little bit, like I am going to add a little bit more taper to the bottom. I don’t like things that are super flowy or loose-I guess I am more of a form fitting kind of girl. But I do think it would do better with just a tad more width at the bottom.

Anyway, here it is:

My cute doggie.

It’s definitely a comfortable skirt. I even jumped on the trampoline with my kids while wearing it! I would have put a picture up just to show you, but I found out I make very strange faces when I jump on the trampoline.

Oh, and I do love ruffles so I couldn’t resist adding a ruffle to the bottom.

The pattern for this skirt should be available in the next couple of weeks.

3 thoughts on “My Maxi Skirt

  1. Austin

    Love it! I need to make me a skirt. I would wear it all Summer. I really do love wearing skirts and dresses and the flowy feeling.


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