More Stripes

I finished a t-shirt for my baby:

and one for my 8 year old:

Yes, they are out of the exact same fabric as my 4 year old’s t-shirt. But I like to buy a few yards of one kind of fabric and then make everybody in the house something. That way I only have to prewash and dry one cut of fabric, and I can burn through projects without having to change the thread color on all my machines.
And besides, what’s cuter than matching boys?! Even if the picture is not very good and only one boy is looking at me. This is a real life picture. ha ha ha.

I’m going to make my husband a t-shirt too, but first I am going to pause the blue and white stripes and make me a top because honestly, I like sewing for myself the best. I appreciate it the most, ya know? You will never, ever find one of my homemade shirts in a pile of mud out in the backyard.

Up next, I am going to put together some tips and tricks for sewing with knits on a regular sewing machine. Stay tuned!

One thought on “More Stripes

  1. Michelle Jensen

    How cute!! They look so adorable matching. I say make everyone in the family a shirt out of the stripe. PS – that is really funny about the mud. I would never never wear a homemade shirt in the mud either.


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