Life has been busy with all kinds of great things going on. But I’ve still been sewing!

I’ve mostly been sewing duplicates of things I’ve already shown on here. But that’s one of the things I love the most about sewing-making subtle changes can turn the same old pattern into something new and exciting.

I finished another one of these shirts. I needed a solid cream top, so I ordered some fabric and then got to work.

I added three rows of shirring to the sleeve bottoms this time. On the last shirt, I only did two. I think three rows helps the sleeve bottom sit a little better on my arm.

And I shirred the shirt bottom instead of hemming it with a band.

I do love my sewing obsession! And this week, I discovered a new obsession.

Soooo good. Can you tell my baby loves it too?

One thought on “Duplicates

  1. Michelle Jensen

    I love this shirt! So cute. I love how you repeated the shirring at the bottom. It looks so so good. Great job and that candy bar looks really good but not all over a baby’s face, lol.


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