Skirt Conversion

I’ve been making more children’s t-shirts like this one:

I’ve had to break up the monotony though and make a couple of things for myself in between t-shirts.

I made another v-neck, this time with a regular hem. This shirt cost me about $3 to make. That’s pretty sweet.

And, I made a skirt for me, too. I’ve been a pants and shorts only kind of girl for my entire life, only wearing skirts on Sundays because I had to wear them to church. In fact, my mom has told me how she was so excited to have a little girl when I was born (her first 3 kids were all boys, and then she had me) because she could put bows in my hair and put dresses on me and stuff.

But as soon as I was old enough to protest, I wouldn’t have any of it. My hair hung in messy tangles and I never wore dresses or skirts except when I had to.

When I was pregnant with my third baby and found out it was another boy, I was very happy to be having another boy but just a little disappointed for the bows and dresses that would never be. But I consoled myself in the fact that if it had turned out to be a girl, it would probably be a girl just like me and she wouldn’t want to wear bows.

Anyway, I used my maxi skirt pattern to make a shorter skirt that would be nice and cool for Summer.

It’s very comfy and I even rode my bike to the park with my boys while wearing it today.

Yeah, I’m thinking I like skirts.

3 thoughts on “Skirt Conversion

  1. Kathy

    I really love your skirt and your white top. I’ve got to get sewing. I want to make a skirt like that. I like it shorter as well as longer. Happy sewing!


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