My Swim Suit

Yesterday we went on a trip to Lava Hot Springs. When we were planning the trip, I reminded my husband Jon that I would need a new swim suit because mine was old and saggy.

He told me to just design one and then sew it up. But I was busy sewing other things and I didn’t really want to. So, he designed and sewed me a swim suit.

He doesn’t like fashion or clothing or anything like that. But he has a PhD in Physics, so he’s crazy good at math and engineering and spatial reasoning. He saw designing me a swim suit as a giant math problem, I’m sure.

He drafted the pattern one morning, and then sewed the suit up one Saturday. Here it is:

That’s the cheapest swim suit I’ve ever owned!

My boys had a blast at the Hot Springs.

Kickin’ it in the kids’ pool.
It started raining when we were in the hot tubs. It felt sooo good.

My boys loved the rain too.

I’m going to take that swim skirt pattern and make me some running skirts with it. But first, I have to finish a few other things I’ve got sewing on!

6 thoughts on “My Swim Suit

  1. Jon Paul

    Thanks, Esther.
    I have to give credit to Stuart Anderson at the (awesome) website
    For some reason the website has been down since June, but you can still find it if you search for what it looked like in May. The top and the skirt liner are based on his instructions for the one-piece block.


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