Tops And Bottoms

I finished another t-shirt for Seth. That is one wonderful thing about boys-they are easy to clothe. My boys live in t-shirts and I have to bribe them to wear anything else.

I also finished a pair of shorts for Seth. I drafted this pattern myself, and it turned out pretty good. I think I made them a little too long, but they always seem to shrink more when I wash them after they’re finished. Even though I wash the fabric a couple of times before I make them.
These shorts have pockets with a pocket bag. That’s my second attempt at pocket bag pockets, and it was a little easier than the first time. I still had to watch my class with Kenneth D. King as I did the pockets, because I can’t remember all the steps unless I have Kenneth there to help me remember.
Also, the twill I made these shorts out of is the twill that keeps on giving. I can’t remember how many yards I bought of it, but it must have been a lot because I’ve already made three pairs of pants out of it for Seth, a pair of shorts for Ezra, I have a pair of pants cut out of it for Owen, and there’s still a lot more there.
I love the shirring down the front of the swim suit Jon made for me (see last post) so I decided to make a shirt with shirring down the entire front. I used my scoop tee pattern and a scrap of fabric I had left over from a cardigan I made a couple of months ago.
I had to use some maneuvering skills to be able to have enough fabric there to cut out all my pieces, but I did it and this is all that was left of what was 3 yards of fabric before I cut the cardigan out:
I love the feeling of using every last bit of a big load of fabric.
Here’s the shirt:
I couldn’t gather it as much as the swim suit since this fabric is really thin and it would have looked ridiculous. But I’m happy with how it turned out and I’m going to make more like that for sure.

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