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Awhile ago I bought some rayon fabric that I thought would look really good as t-shirts for my boys. But after the first shirt was about half finished, I had to admit that rayon doesn’t work well for boys’ clothes (it’s too drapey) and abandon the project.

So I inherited the fabric. I already used part of it to make a maxi skirt a few weeks ago. This week I used the rest of it to make a top for me. I shirred the sides of the shirt by serging rubber elastic into the side seams of the shirt and tugging the elastic as I serged it in.

I think this is my favorite top I’ve made so far. I broke it in today by wearing it on our family hike.

About halfway up the butte we were hiking, we realized our little doggie Lucy wasn’t going to make it. She was so hot and panting so hard that Jon took Owen and Lucy back to the car and I went up the rest of the way with Seth and Ezra.

We saw some fun stuff on the way up.

A little lizard hiding in the sticks.

A pretty dragonfly.

We made it to the top and it was really too bad that Jon wasn’t there to take the pictures. When I’m in charge of taking the pictures, they turn out like this:

I did get a cute one of Ezra though.

On the way down, it had cooled off enough that the trail wasn’t hot anymore and we could take our shoes off and hike down barefoot. Oh my goodness, there is something exhilarating about bare feet moving through dirt. It feels so wonderful to dig your toes in deep.

Now the boys are asleep and Jon is watching Star Trek (he’s a total nerd) and I’m eating apples and chocolate while I sit next to him on the couch. But shhhh! Don’t tell my kids I’m eating food out of the kitchen.

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  1. Michelle Jensen

    That is good they are nice and asleep. Plus, I think you look totally cute in your clothes! I love that green shirt. I like how it has the longer sleeves. IT looks so comfy. I think that drapy material is super comfy so I bet it is 🙂 Good job on the hike and the shirt.


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