Owen’s Sunday Pants

I finished some church pants for Owen last week. I wanted to take a picture of him in them before we left, but we were running late like usual.

Then, I had to leave church a little early because Owen is at such a hard stage right now. He usually takes two naps a day, and church is right in the middle of when he would be taking his morning nap. He won’t sleep anywhere but in his crib so by the last hour of church he’s so tired it’s terrible.

I left early so he could take his nap. Then when he woke up, Jon and his amazing camera skills were gone to a meeting. So I had to hurry and take a picture of him in his pants before I took his clothes off to feed him lunch. He’s super messy so naked it is for eating!

My pictures aren’t as good as Jon’s, and Owen has an I-just-woke-up-from-a-nap face on, but here’s a picture of the pants:

They’re a bit big right now, but that’s good because I don’t want to have to make new ones when he grows a little next month. Also, he needs a new Sunday shirt, but I made that one he’s wearing in January so I’m happy that it’s lasted this long. Oh and I made that tie for Easter so that’s why it’s got purple in it.

I love Sundays! We went on a family walk this afternoon. When we left, it was cloudy but pleasant so we were all shoeless and some of us were shirtless and pantless.

Jon with a shirtless Ezra and a pantless Owen.

After we’d been walking for about 10 minutes, it started pouring rain. Huge raindrops fell from the ground and landed in loud splats all around us. The wind picked up something fierce and it was cold.

So we took cover in the entryway of an elementary school. We had fun in there and the boys thought it was so cave-like.

Owen decided he needed to play in the rain. Even though this picture’s not in focus because Owen is running, I think it’s pretty cute:

 It finally stopped raining and we made it back home. But not without walking through every puddle we found first!

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