The Latest Two

I wanted another shirt with shirring down the sides, since I love the first one I made like that so much (see last post). So I made another one.

But this one didn’t turn out nearly as well as the first one. The fabric I used was really sheer and hard to work with. It had little recovery, so it stretched out a lot when I was making it. I think once it’s washed it will do better. We will see.

I really struggled with the collar since the fabric kept rolling and slipping. One day I want to have a huge ribbing collection so I’ll have the right color of ribbing for any shirt. But until then, I often have to use the same fabric that the shirt is made out of for the collar since I don’t have the right color of ribbing.

 But I will wear the shirt anyway, because things don’t have to be perfect. I wore it when we went to Mesa Falls yesterday.

Sewing is a really good way to learn that things don’t have to be perfect. There is usually a way to fix any mistake.
I also made another pair of shorts for Seth. I’m trying to build up his wardrobe before school starts.
He was really excited to get his picture taken, as usual.

One thought on “The Latest Two

  1. Michelle Jensen

    They both look great!! And no things don’t have to be perfect and I learn that lesson a lot. It is weird how different fabrics turn out different and that is one thing that is a little odd for me to get a grasp of. Anyway, great job 🙂 Seth looks cute 🙂


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