Children’s T-Shirt Pattern

My children’s t-shirt pattern is finally finished! Except I can’t call any of my patterns mine, since Jon does tons of the work for them too. They are ours.

I have been trying to pattern for long enough now to know a little bit more about what I like and don’t like. I like to draft a pattern, on butcher paper, in the size that I need it. Then I love to sew the pattern up.

I don’t like to do the pattern grading, or any of the parts you have to do on the computer. That’s good, because Jon likes to do that kind of stuff and he’s really good at it. So together we make a good team.

I had fun making a girl’s shirt for my friend’s daughter for this pattern. Girls’ clothes are definitely cute!

You can purchase the pattern from my Etsy tab or from the Pattern shop tab at the top of my blog. And don’t forget you can try the size 4T for free, along with a detailed tutorial for how to construct the shirt. You can find that tutorial under the Free Patterns And Tutorials tab. Thanks!

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