Yesterday I finished a polo shirt for Owen. I have to say the placket was pretty involved and took awhile to figure out. But I got through it and Owen likes it so that’s all that matters, huh?

He has been sick the past couple of days and so he’s been pretty cranky. When I had the shirt all finished except for the hem, I tried it on him to check the length. He walked around the house like a proud peacock.

When I tried to take the shirt off to finish it, he was inconsolable. But I hemmed it real fast and put it back on him.

Jon’s brother asked me awhile ago to make him a polo shirt. I had no idea how to do the placket, and that’s why I got this pattern to make the kids’ polo so I could see how to do it.

But Jon has a lot of time on his hands right now since he’s in between semesters. So he beat me to it and drafted a pattern for a polo shirt for his brother himself. I was pretty happy about that, because I’d much rather sew than draft patterns.

We sewed the polo for his brother together today, and it was a lot of fun. He did most of it while I cut out another polo for Seth. But I hemmed the bottom and sleeves. And I ironed all the seams, because Jon’s not into silly details like ironing.

I think it turned out amazing and I already ordered some fabric to make Jon some.

Jon wearing his brother’s shirt.

Also, Jon figured out a much easier way to make a placket than the way my polo pattern says to make one. I love the way that man plackets ha ha ha.

5 thoughts on “Polos

  1. Michelle Jensen

    I love the shirts! This is exactly where I stopped on Alex’s PJ’s. I couldn’t figure it out the plackets. I know for a fact that Weston won’t help me so you are just going to have to come and show me, lol. Just kidding… They will just sit unfinished 🙂 That is so nice and I love that you guys have time to work together. I bet you are going to miss him when school starts.

  2. Kathy

    I have to say I just love your polo shirts. I just have to make one. You are really doing wonderful! I’ve got to work to catch up to what you are learning. I love you.


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