Plackets, Plackets

I finished another polo, for Seth this time.

With all my polo sewing, I decided I needed a polo shirt too. I have a shirt from DownEast that I love that’s getting pretty old and ratty. It’s not exactly a polo, but it does have a placket. 
I am wearing the DownEast shirt in this family photo from a couple of years ago:
Jon helped me change my scoop tee pattern around a bit to make it into a pattern for the DownEast shirt. We added a front yoke and a back yoke to the pattern and moved the neckline up. Then we added a placket and a collar.
We made the placket shorter than the DownEast shirt because I hate wearing layers so I wanted it to look okay without an undershirt. 
Then I made a practice shirt to test the pattern. The practice shirt has a ton of mistakes in it. The placket kicked my trash. Seriously. And I have a problem sometimes with my gathers. I get them all arranged so nicely, and then when I serge the shirt together over the gathers, the gathers break and disappear. It happened on my shirt so there’s only gathers on one side of it.
But I am so happy I finished it. And I even like it, especially for a first attempt. Here it is:

I’m going to make another one after I finish some school clothes For Seth, and I’m going to put lace on it like the DownEast one. I tried lace on this one, but I didn’t think the lace went very well with the polka dots.

4 thoughts on “Plackets, Plackets

  1. Kathy

    I absolutely love your polka dot shirt. I just stand in awe at how much you are learning. You sew so well. What a talent you have. I really like your shirt!

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