Corduroy Brothers

I love corduroy for my boys. I think it makes the best pants and shorts. I made Seth and Ezra a pair of shorts out of this nice brown corduroy from Ezra wasn’t so sure about wearing them until I told him they were the same color as his golden Lego ninja. Then he put them right on and called them his “Golden Ninja Shorts.”

I also made another polo for Seth. I’m trying to get that school clothes wardrobe built up!

I made this one out of some striped fabric that I knew he’d love and when I ordered it, it said it was a jersey spandex blend. But when it got here, I could tell it had rayon in it. I wasn’t so sure about making a boy’s shirt out of it because it was so thin and drapey. But I think it worked okay for a polo and Seth loves the shirt because the fabric’s so soft.

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