Owen’s Sunday Shirt

I made Owen a new Sunday shirt. I used a pattern from Fishsticks Patterns (or a name very similar to that…I can’t remember for sure and I don’t want to take the time to look it up) called the Everyday Camp Shirt.

It was a really good pattern. I was so stoked when I finished this shirt. It was so much easier than when I made his first Sunday shirt in February. Part of that is because I used an indie pattern this time with much better instructions instead of a commercial pattern. But I like to think that a lot of it is because I’ve improved my sewing skills.
This time, I understood how to make the collar right and tuck all the seams into the collar. With Owen’s first one, I had to just serge the seams off because I could not figure out what the instructions were telling me to do.
I don’t even have any pictures of Owen in it yet, but I did have fun dressing the shirt up with a tie. I will take some of the real Owen in it on Sunday when he wears it to church.

The collar, the way a collar is supposed to be!

One thought on “Owen’s Sunday Shirt

  1. Michelle Jensen

    Great Job! That is the way the nice collar is suppose to look and it is amazing 🙂 How fun and it makes sense that the indie patterns are better. I get super confused with the other ones. I also haven’t dedicated all the time and practice that you have so that obviously would make a difference too. 😉 You did amazingly.


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