DownEast Dress

I was walking past DownEast awhile ago and  I saw a mannequin wearing a dress I thought was cute. So I took a picture of the dress through the window because I wanted to try and copy the dress sometime.

I finally decided to try this week. I just combined my scoop tee pattern with my maxi skirt pattern, and then added a tie around the waist and some belt loops. 
It’s a super comfortable dress. I rode my bike to church in it and it worked out great!
And here’s a picture of Owen in his new Sunday shirt. He’s turning into such a little man.

3 thoughts on “DownEast Dress

  1. Katie

    So cute, I love it!! I don’t really sew, but I’m going to attempt a knit maxi skirt for my 6 year old this week. She wants one so bad and I can’t bring myelf to pay $20 for one for her. I’m terrified to work with knit because I’m so inexperienced, but if I can figure it out maybe I will try other things, too. Wondering…where do you get your knit fabric?


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