When I was looking through all my clothes on Sunday to find something to wear, I stumbled upon a floral pencil skirt that had been shoved to the back.

I pulled it out, excited to see it. It is the first article of clothing I ever sewed! (Ok. Technically, I sewed a pair of pajama pants for Ezra very first, but the pajama pants were a tutorial I found online where you just slap down a pair of pants and trace around them to make a pattern and then sew the pieces up. I knew absolutely nothing about sewing at the time-I couldn’t even wind my own bobbin. Jon had to show me! I cut the pants out wrong and all kinds of stuff. So those don’t really count. The skirt was the first real deal.)

I put the skirt on and thought about how happy I was when I made it. It involved sewing my first darts and putting in my first invisible zipper.



We got on our bikes to head to church, except the skirt was too tight for me to sit on my bike. So Jon helped me put my skirt around the bike seat. Then all the boys laughed at me and said I looked like some half-human-half-bike creature.

Oh, yes. I am such a lady.

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