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Welt Pockets

Today I started making Ezra some Sunday pants. I sewed for a couple of hours, and all I got finished with were the back pockets. But the back pockets are welt pockets, and this is my first time making welt pockets so I’m not surprised it took me so long.

The pockets were very technical and I had to concentrate to make sure I was doing all the steps right. I’m pretty pumped with how they turned out.
The front of the pants.

The pocket bag from the wrong side of the pants.
I was especially pleased that the pockets turned out because all last week I wasted my time on something that didn’t turn out. I drafted a skinny jeans pattern for me and then made a pair of jeans from the pattern, but they turned out looking awful. They weren’t tight enough through the legs to be categorized as skinny jeans and they just kind of looked like old lady pants.
 I spent so much time measuring all the lines of my draft to make sure they matched up with the originals, and they did. So I think what happened was that I drafted from a pair of jeans that had been worn recently and so they were stretched out just a bit. 
I was so mad that they turned out differently than I had hoped. I knew I should have done a test pair without all the pockets and details, but I didn’t so I wasted a ton of time. Whenever that happens, I start to wonder what the heck I’m doing spending my free time on sewing clothes that look bad.
But I always get over it. And skinny jeans, I’m not finished with you. I will conquer.

Camo Pants And Man T-Shirts

I made another pair of cargos-this time for Seth. I really love that pattern and I feel like I’m set with boy pants with that pattern alone. Next time around, I think I’m going to make them without the cargo pockets because just those pockets take me about two hours to finish.

I found some awesome camo twill from for this pair. Seth loves camo, so he was pretty happy. As happy as he’ll ever be about clothes, I guess. He’s pretty chill about what he wears as long as the fabric isn’t scratching him or anything.

Those two hour pockets!

I also used Jon’s polo pattern to make him a basic t-shirt. His t-shirts are all so ratty and have holes in them and stuff. So it was definitely time to make him one, and he needs a bundle more to go with it.

Owen’s Pair

I loved Seth’s cargo pants so much that I bought the pattern in Owen’s size so I could make him some too.

I used my very last scrap of some navy twill I’ve had for several months. These cargos are the fifth pair of pants I’ve made for my boys out of that twill! It has served us well.

I love the little cargo pockets!

My Yellow

I made another pair of pants for me from my Burda yoga pants pattern. I really do love that pants pattern-I think this was my fifth time making them.

I wanted them out of french terry, and the only color in stock when I was shopping was yellow. So I bought it because it was really awesome french terry with some spandex in it. I haven’t found any other that has spandex in it which is too bad because the spandex gives the fabric such great recovery.

Since I had my machines all threaded for yellow, I cranked out a yellow shirt (also for me) after I finished the pants. I really, really love how this shirt turned out. I shirred it all the way down the front with rubber elastic, and I added a band to the bottom and to the sleeves.

I also added a little line of shirring to the bottom of the sleeves.

The color yellow has become one of my favorites. It’s so cheerful!

Recent Boys’ Clothes

Sweats for Seth. I did my own thing for the pattern, and they didn’t turn out all that great. But he’s still wearing them. His only requirement for clothes is that they “feel good”, which means they feel soft and not scratchy. These sweats have that going for them, at least.

Striped tees for Ezra (he loves this fabric)

 and Seth. He “combed” his own hair the morning this picture was taken.

Some pants for Owen. I am not a fan of these pants, either. I am so over the Big Butt Baby Pants pattern I’ve been using to make his pants. I think they looked ok when he was younger, but now they look a little bit too big and shapeless. I’m movin’ on for his next pair.

Seth’s Cargos

I bought a pattern from Oliver + S for some cargo pants for Seth. I had an internal struggle for hours before I purchased it. I have a pants pattern I drafted for him, but I know it has some problems that need to be corrected. But the original pants I drafted it from don’t fit him anymore, so I would just have to go off of his measurements to fix it. That’s not super easy for me.

And I was afraid if I bought the pattern that it would end up not being very good or not fitting well.

But, I am so very glad I bought the pattern. It is fantastic! It’s really hard to find patterns for boys Seth’s age and size, but this pattern is perfect.

The cargo pants have front and back panels, and darts at the knee. I love the front pockets. The pocket bag and front applique are made out of the same pattern piece, and I’ve never done front pockets like that. It is so much easier than attaching the applique to the pocket bag! I am definitely a fan.

Anyway, here are his pants. I should have waited and had Jon take better pictures of them, but my phone camera will have to be good enough for now.

Side view.

That front pocket that I love.

The back.
Cargo pocket.