Seth’s Cargos

I bought a pattern from Oliver + S for some cargo pants for Seth. I had an internal struggle for hours before I purchased it. I have a pants pattern I drafted for him, but I know it has some problems that need to be corrected. But the original pants I drafted it from don’t fit him anymore, so I would just have to go off of his measurements to fix it. That’s not super easy for me.

And I was afraid if I bought the pattern that it would end up not being very good or not fitting well.

But, I am so very glad I bought the pattern. It is fantastic! It’s really hard to find patterns for boys Seth’s age and size, but this pattern is perfect.

The cargo pants have front and back panels, and darts at the knee. I love the front pockets. The pocket bag and front applique are made out of the same pattern piece, and I’ve never done front pockets like that. It is so much easier than attaching the applique to the pocket bag! I am definitely a fan.

Anyway, here are his pants. I should have waited and had Jon take better pictures of them, but my phone camera will have to be good enough for now.

Side view.

That front pocket that I love.

The back.
Cargo pocket.

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