Recent Boys’ Clothes

Sweats for Seth. I did my own thing for the pattern, and they didn’t turn out all that great. But he’s still wearing them. His only requirement for clothes is that they “feel good”, which means they feel soft and not scratchy. These sweats have that going for them, at least.

Striped tees for Ezra (he loves this fabric)

 and Seth. He “combed” his own hair the morning this picture was taken.

Some pants for Owen. I am not a fan of these pants, either. I am so over the Big Butt Baby Pants pattern I’ve been using to make his pants. I think they looked ok when he was younger, but now they look a little bit too big and shapeless. I’m movin’ on for his next pair.

One thought on “Recent Boys’ Clothes

  1. Michelle Jensen

    I think that it is interesting how we like clothes to fit. I am with Seth, things have to be comfortable, that is probably why once the weather turned here I have pretty much been wearing sweatshirts every single day 🙂 and actually sweat pants with a sweatshirt TODAY. Anyway, I love the sweats they look super cute and comfy! I love the other awesome things you make for your kids!! They are amazing! 🙂


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