My Yellow

I made another pair of pants for me from my Burda yoga pants pattern. I really do love that pants pattern-I think this was my fifth time making them.

I wanted them out of french terry, and the only color in stock when I was shopping was yellow. So I bought it because it was really awesome french terry with some spandex in it. I haven’t found any other that has spandex in it which is too bad because the spandex gives the fabric such great recovery.

Since I had my machines all threaded for yellow, I cranked out a yellow shirt (also for me) after I finished the pants. I really, really love how this shirt turned out. I shirred it all the way down the front with rubber elastic, and I added a band to the bottom and to the sleeves.

I also added a little line of shirring to the bottom of the sleeves.

The color yellow has become one of my favorites. It’s so cheerful!

2 thoughts on “My Yellow

  1. Michelle Jensen

    I agree! Yellow is so cheery and it looks fantastic in your shirt. I am jealous that you get to wear all the cute stuff you make 🙁 My friends up here and I were talking about making a quilted vest but it was only for entertainment to wear to our Quilting Guild Christmas party 🙂 Cute Stuff Bryanna!


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