Camo Pants And Man T-Shirts

I made another pair of cargos-this time for Seth. I really love that pattern and I feel like I’m set with boy pants with that pattern alone. Next time around, I think I’m going to make them without the cargo pockets because just those pockets take me about two hours to finish.

I found some awesome camo twill from for this pair. Seth loves camo, so he was pretty happy. As happy as he’ll ever be about clothes, I guess. He’s pretty chill about what he wears as long as the fabric isn’t scratching him or anything.

Those two hour pockets!

I also used Jon’s polo pattern to make him a basic t-shirt. His t-shirts are all so ratty and have holes in them and stuff. So it was definitely time to make him one, and he needs a bundle more to go with it.

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