Welt Pockets

Today I started making Ezra some Sunday pants. I sewed for a couple of hours, and all I got finished with were the back pockets. But the back pockets are welt pockets, and this is my first time making welt pockets so I’m not surprised it took me so long.

The pockets were very technical and I had to concentrate to make sure I was doing all the steps right. I’m pretty pumped with how they turned out.
The front of the pants.

The pocket bag from the wrong side of the pants.
I was especially pleased that the pockets turned out because all last week I wasted my time on something that didn’t turn out. I drafted a skinny jeans pattern for me and then made a pair of jeans from the pattern, but they turned out looking awful. They weren’t tight enough through the legs to be categorized as skinny jeans and they just kind of looked like old lady pants.
 I spent so much time measuring all the lines of my draft to make sure they matched up with the originals, and they did. So I think what happened was that I drafted from a pair of jeans that had been worn recently and so they were stretched out just a bit. 
I was so mad that they turned out differently than I had hoped. I knew I should have done a test pair without all the pockets and details, but I didn’t so I wasted a ton of time. Whenever that happens, I start to wonder what the heck I’m doing spending my free time on sewing clothes that look bad.
But I always get over it. And skinny jeans, I’m not finished with you. I will conquer.

2 thoughts on “Welt Pockets

  1. Michelle Jensen

    I know that is so frustrating!! Can’t everything just turn out awesome??? What a impossible ride! I’m sure they aren’t that bad but I like the fact that they are mom jeans cause get we’re moms right, ha, ha, ha 😉 keep at it cause I’m not quilting and your one inspiration to keep going!!! Thank you Bryanna 🙂

  2. Sarah Harris

    I’m right there with you! I was so frustrated today with a failed top. When I spend my clothing cash and precious free time to sew clothes for myself, I need them to be wearable! And some sewing failures for my kids lately had me thinking I should sell my serger and my stash and stick to zippered pouches and baby gifts! Good luck with the jeans!


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