Sew Liberated Simple Skinny Jeans

Last week, I finished a pair of skinny jeans from this Sew Liberated pattern.

I made a test pair first to check the fit and saw that I needed more crotch rise because they sagged off of my bottom when I bent over.

So I added an inch and a half to the top of the front and back pattern pieces (it wasn’t exactly that easy because I had to make sure I didn’t change the size of the front faux pockets, but you know what I mean) and made another test pair. I’m glad I happen to have a couple of stretch denim scraps laying around.

Then I made my actual pair out of some stretch denim from I ordered what I thought was a medium color of gray, but the fabric came looking almost cream.

I like these pants pretty well. I didn’t use rib knit for the waistband like the pattern said to. I just used the same stretch denim I made the body of the pants out of and it worked okay.

These are definitely cheater pants since they don’t have a real fly or a button, but they are pretty comfortable and easy to sew, once the fit is right. This pattern would be great for someone who’s never made pants before, because there is a video tutorial that goes with the pattern.

I couldn’t get any good pictures of these pants. By the time my husband gets home from work it’s dark outside already, and I’m definitely not showered and dressed by the time he leaves in the morning. I get done running just in time for him to pass the kids to me and take off.

But here are the pictures I got.

The back pocket detail.

The front: waistband, faux pockets and faux fly

I am planning on using this pattern again soon to make some leggings. And I might make another pair out of stretch denim too. We’ll see how I feel after wearing this pair around some more.

I am pretty pumped because I got an email today saying I could get that craftsy jeans class I want for half price, so I bought it. Score! I just have to wait until December to get started because I already used all the fabric money we can spare this month!

2 thoughts on “Sew Liberated Simple Skinny Jeans

  1. Michelle Jensen

    Well those look fabulous. I love the faux pockets because the last thing you want to add to skinny jeans is bulk right? 🙂 That is fun about the class. I have no idea why but one day ALL of the quilting classes were free and I bought almost all of them. Has that ever happened to you with the clothes?


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