Sew Liberated Leggings, Etc.

I made a pair of leggings with my Sew Liberated pattern. These leggings came together very quickly and I was able to sew them in just one sewing session.

They are comfortable and I am sure I will wear them a lot. When I ordered the fabric for these, I wasn’t so sure I was getting exactly what I wanted, and I didn’t get exactly what I was after. I wanted black fabric for them, and the only black stretch double knit (I wanted something sturdy for winter) they had available at was a rayon blend. The rayon makes the pants a little more shiny than I like, but that’s ok. I still like ’em.

Also, the next time I make them, I am going to swap the waistband in the pattern for the waistband to my maxi skirt. I love that waistband, and I think it will make the leggings perfect.

I also finished a pair of Sunday pants for Seth last week, using my Oliver + S pattern. I love that pattern.

You know, there are times when I am not so sure about how my stuff turns out. Many times. But today I wore one of my scoop t-shirts paired with one of my cardigans, and my Sew Liberated skinny jeans on the bottom. And I really liked the whole outfit. It was a good moment where I felt satisfied with my work.

Speaking of that cardigan in the picture, today I spent a Ninjago episode sitting next to Ezra, hand sewing the flowers back on the cardigan because they came loose after too many washings. I am learning that part of sewing my own clothes involves mending time, because things like pockets and such just come loose. I am getting better about securing those things really well, but even then sometimes there is no match for what the mighty washer can do to my clothes.

5 thoughts on “Sew Liberated Leggings, Etc.

  1. Neni

    I have your pattern for the cardigan and have yet to make it. I was wondering do you make the whole cardigan out of ribbing and that is how your cuffs, bottom band and edging match?

    1. Bryanna Johnson

      Thanks for buying my pattern. I hope you like it! No, I make my cardigans out of either jersey with spandex, or sweater knit. I try to find ribbing that matches, but if I can’t then I just use the same fabric as the body. If I use a fabric for the body that would absolutely not work for the cuffs, etc, then I make sure and use a basic color (like black) that I know I’ll be able to find ribbing for. Hopefully that makes sense 🙂

  2. Neni

    It does make sense. I bought some cream sweater knit and I think I will have to use a coordinating fabric because I can not find ribbing that matches well. It’s like trying to match blacks! Thanks so much!


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