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The Last Of Christmas And What’s Up Next

I haven’t been sewing for a little while because we went to visit family and then we were busy with Christmas. But before we left for our trip, I finished another pair of baby pants-this pair was for my sister-in-law. She’s having a girl which is a big deal in our family since girls are really scarce.

I used some lightweight corduroy and it was fun to pick out some girl fabric.

I also made another t-shirt for Jon for Christmas.

A couple of days ago, I spent two hours trying to make a shirt from this New Look pattern. I tried view B, and it was incredibly frustrating and I finished my attempt by stomping my feet and hurling the shirt across the room.

I couldn’t understand the instructions for the pleats or for how to finish the collar or for how to attach the sides. Hmmm…I guess I basically didn’t understand any of the instructions. Oh wait! I knew how to do the sleeves.

I was very bummed when I was done trying, because I will never understand how to read commercial patterns.

But I am so over New Look and I’m movin’ on. I have started my class on sewing designer jeans by Angela Wolf. I have loved it so far. I’ve learned a lot about pattern alterations already and that’s good because it’s something I struggle with.

I bought her jeans pattern and I have it all taped together and ready to go. I made a few alterations to the pattern and I’m ready to cut out my first test pair. I am planning on it taking awhile to get the fit down and actually sew the jeans, so that is what I’ll be up to for the next bit.

More Of The Same

My last few projects have been more of what I’ve already made. I made another pair of Sew Liberated skinny jeans. I used slubbed denim this time-I love slubbed denim!

Next, I made Ezra a pair of cargos out of the same fabric I made Seth’s out of in the last post. My Oliver + S pattern has been put to such good use already, and I anticipate making at least a hundred more of these pants over the course of my boys’ childhoods!

Ezra making a big mess with his Legos and grinning a cheesy grin, two things he’s really good at doing.

And I also whipped up another pair of pants out of the blue camo fabric. These ones will be a Christmas gift for a new nephew in our family. I made them size 6-12 months because it’s hard for me to make clothes that are smaller than that. The baby will only get to wear them a few times before outgrowing them!

I used-you guessed it-my Oliver + S pattern for these, but I left the cargo pockets off.

Cardigan And Cargos

Since it’s so cold, I decided I needed another cardigan. I made this one out of black hatchi sweater knit. I also made it long sleeved instead of three quarter length. 

It’s nice and warm.
I bought some little flowers at Walmart awhile ago and they’ve been sitting in my button box, just waiting for a use. So I hand-sewed some on my cardigan.

I also made Seth another pair of Oliver + S cargo pants. I love this blue camo fabric. I bought enough to make all the boys some pants, so it will be seen again shortly because Ezra’s are almost finished.