Cardigan And Cargos

Since it’s so cold, I decided I needed another cardigan. I made this one out of black hatchi sweater knit. I also made it long sleeved instead of three quarter length. 

It’s nice and warm.
I bought some little flowers at Walmart awhile ago and they’ve been sitting in my button box, just waiting for a use. So I hand-sewed some on my cardigan.

I also made Seth another pair of Oliver + S cargo pants. I love this blue camo fabric. I bought enough to make all the boys some pants, so it will be seen again shortly because Ezra’s are almost finished.

2 thoughts on “Cardigan And Cargos

  1. Michelle Jensen

    Those are so boyish. What a great print. It is always hard to find things well intended for boys without looking babyish. The black cardigan looks very nice especially with the longer sleeves. I am always on the lookout for a good cardigan for dressy situations where you need a little more coverage with maybe even a tank that will work well for wintertime. Great makes!


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