The Last Of Christmas And What’s Up Next

I haven’t been sewing for a little while because we went to visit family and then we were busy with Christmas. But before we left for our trip, I finished another pair of baby pants-this pair was for my sister-in-law. She’s having a girl which is a big deal in our family since girls are really scarce.

I used some lightweight corduroy and it was fun to pick out some girl fabric.

I also made another t-shirt for Jon for Christmas.

A couple of days ago, I spent two hours trying to make a shirt from this New Look pattern. I tried view B, and it was incredibly frustrating and I finished my attempt by stomping my feet and hurling the shirt across the room.

I couldn’t understand the instructions for the pleats or for how to finish the collar or for how to attach the sides. Hmmm…I guess I basically didn’t understand any of the instructions. Oh wait! I knew how to do the sleeves.

I was very bummed when I was done trying, because I will never understand how to read commercial patterns.

But I am so over New Look and I’m movin’ on. I have started my class on sewing designer jeans by Angela Wolf. I have loved it so far. I’ve learned a lot about pattern alterations already and that’s good because it’s something I struggle with.

I bought her jeans pattern and I have it all taped together and ready to go. I made a few alterations to the pattern and I’m ready to cut out my first test pair. I am planning on it taking awhile to get the fit down and actually sew the jeans, so that is what I’ll be up to for the next bit.

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