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Seth’s Jeans

Seth needed some new jeans and so of course I wanted to make him some. But I couldn’t find any patterns in his size. So I used my Oliver + S Art Museum Trousers pattern and just altered it a little bit to make it more jeans-like. 

First, I traced a back yoke and back jeans pocket off of a pair of rtw jeans he already had.
Then I took the back pattern piece and folded it down a ways to get rid of the darts and also to make room for the yoke.
I knew from the last time I made these pants the regular way that Seth needed more crotch depth in the back, so I didn’t fold it down really far. If the pattern piece had fit him perfectly before, I would have been more exact and I would have measured my yoke piece and taken off as much as I added in (figuring in seam allowances too).
To assemble them, I sewed the yokes to the backs and used my newly drafted back pockets instead of the welt pockets. Then everything else was the same as a regular pair of Art Museum Trousers.

My Physics Jeans

Valentine’s Day t-shirts didn’t happen this year. After making their early t-shirts, I didn’t have enough fabric left over to make more. I ordered more fabric, but it hasn’t come yet. 

It doesn’t matter anyway because my coverstitch machine has been giving me grief for several months and I finally took it in to get fixed. It skips stitches no matter what I try. After spending several hours on it, I realized that I had to get it serviced because I just don’t know what’s wrong with it. And it ruins my stuff because the stitches come undone after a few washes since they’re so irregular in places.
Since it’s wovens or else, I made another pair of jeans for me, using my Angela Wolf pattern and the pointers I got from her Craftsy class again.

I used 6 oz Kaufman stretch denim and I think it made wonderful jeans that are just the right weight for me. I don’t like heavy denim because I feel like it pulls down off my waist.
I did distress these, but it’s hard to tell. I am a very cautious distresser I guess so I didn’t go all out. But after they’re washed a few times I think it will be more visible.
For the front pockets I tried using some pretty polka dot satin fabric. But I will never use satin fabric for pockets again because it slipped all over the place and was very hard to work with.
I feel like I got the fly so much better this time. It’s even and straight and I’m excited about that. Angela Wolf trims her zippers at the top instead of at the bottom and I decided to do it her way this time (last time I just trimmed it and tacked it at the bottom like I’ve always done). I’m so glad I did, because it is a much better way to trim a zipper. Then the zipper teeth go all the way to the top of the waistband and the zipper stays zipped all of the time. It looks better, too.

The back pockets of these jeans have a story to tell. When I was cutting my jeans out, my husband was next to me reading one of his Physics text books to get ready for work. I asked him what design I should put on my back pockets. He looked down at his book and said that I should do a wave packet on my jeans.
This is a wave packet:

I thought that would be a good tribute to my nerdy Physics husband, so I did it. He chalked the design on my pockets and then I sewed it.
I am totally hooked on making my own jeans. I can’t wait to make another pair. The hardest part is deciding which color!

P.S. We took all these pictures in Utah when we went down to visit family this weekend. I can’t wait until our part of Idaho is snow-free too.

Angela Wolf Ruched T

I love my Angela Wolf jeans pattern so much that I decided to buy her Ruched-T pattern.

It is a pretty versatile pattern, with options for three different collars (short, medium, and long). Then you can twist the collar on any of those options, so it’s really like six different choices.

There is a long sleeve and short sleeve option, and there is also the option of ruching the sides of the top too.

I chose to make a short sleeve top with a long, twisted collar and no ruching. I’m happy with the pattern and instructions and with how the top turned out.

The measurements in the sizing chart were a bit different than what I usually see. My measurements didn’t line up at all in the chart, but I just made a small because that’s what I usually wear and it worked out perfect.

I added some length to the sleeve because I usually like my short sleeve tops to be a little longer. I added bands to the sleeves and to the hem.

I am sure I will make this pattern again. I really want to try the medium length collar next.

Seth’s T-Shirt (Third Time’s A Charm!)

After making Ezra a raglan t-shirt last week, I decided to make Seth one too. I thought it would be nice to use up some of my scraps of fabric and Seth definitely needs more t-shirts anyway.

Unfortunately, I had troubles with the Oliver + S raglan t-shirt pattern in Seth’s size. It looked too small for Seth (even the biggest size that the pattern offers), so I decided to add a little extra room at the fold in the front and back.

I blended the neckline and thought it might work, but it did not work! The neck hole was way too big. I should have realized that would happen before I tried it, but I’m still learning about pattern alterations…

When I tried the failed shirt on him (when it was completely finished except for the hem), the body of the shirt looked like it would be okay without the extra room anyway. So I decided to start over and make another one without adding anything extra to the pattern.

I got that one all finished (again, except for the hem) and tried it on him and saw that the shoulder area was way too tight for him. I didn’t notice that when I tried the first one on him because the neck was so floppy it wasn’t obvious.

By then, I decided to bag the Oliver + S pattern and just use my children’s t-shirt pattern. I really want a raglan pattern for Seth, so one day I’ll fix that pattern so it will fit him. Or better yet, I’ll alter my t-shirt pattern and make a raglan sleeve option.

So, it took all week to finish one t-shirt for Seth that actually fits!

He started our photo session out being goofy. And with a wet mark on his shirt from brushing his teeth.

Then he realized he was going to be late for school. Can you tell he hates being late?

Not happy!
I love the sassy little square pocket on the front. I copied the front pocket from the Oliver + S raglan shirt, but I made it a square pocket instead of rounded. The rounded one isn’t worth the extra work.
And here are the two failed attempts:

Owen’s Oliver + S (And A New Sewing Machine!)

I made Owen a pair of Art Museum Trousers from Oliver + S. I really liked making a pair for both of my other boys so I thought it was time Owen had a pair too.

They were a rather uneventful sew, except that I messed the front pockets up a little bit so they kind of hang open instead of laying flat. I was pretty angry at myself for doing something so stupid, but after inspecting them I know exactly what I did wrong. It’s too hard to explain, but at least I know I’ll never do it again!

I used some 21 wale corduroy from I was upset that the little cut of fabric I ordered came with a couple of holes in it. But I was able to cut around the holes and still have enough for his pants.

You can see the front pockets droop a little bit.

I am in love with the tiny welt pockets.

He would not cooperate for a front shot, so this is as good as I could get.

I also got a new sewing machine this week!

My old one was cheap and we got it at the end of 2012, just to see if I would really like sewing. Now that I have established that I definitely like sewing, I feel like I sew enough of my family’s clothes to justify an upgrade. My old one can’t take thick fabric at all. It can’t even take a couple of layers of thin fabric. It also really struggles with button holes. So, I got a better one. I can see myself upgrading again in a few years, but right now I’m super excited about this one.