Owen’s Oliver + S (And A New Sewing Machine!)

I made Owen a pair of Art Museum Trousers from Oliver + S. I really liked making a pair for both of my other boys so I thought it was time Owen had a pair too.

They were a rather uneventful sew, except that I messed the front pockets up a little bit so they kind of hang open instead of laying flat. I was pretty angry at myself for doing something so stupid, but after inspecting them I know exactly what I did wrong. It’s too hard to explain, but at least I know I’ll never do it again!

I used some 21 wale corduroy from fabric.com. I was upset that the little cut of fabric I ordered came with a couple of holes in it. But I was able to cut around the holes and still have enough for his pants.

You can see the front pockets droop a little bit.

I am in love with the tiny welt pockets.

He would not cooperate for a front shot, so this is as good as I could get.

I also got a new sewing machine this week!

My old one was cheap and we got it at the end of 2012, just to see if I would really like sewing. Now that I have established that I definitely like sewing, I feel like I sew enough of my family’s clothes to justify an upgrade. My old one can’t take thick fabric at all. It can’t even take a couple of layers of thin fabric. It also really struggles with button holes. So, I got a better one. I can see myself upgrading again in a few years, but right now I’m super excited about this one.

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