Seth’s T-Shirt (Third Time’s A Charm!)

After making Ezra a raglan t-shirt last week, I decided to make Seth one too. I thought it would be nice to use up some of my scraps of fabric and Seth definitely needs more t-shirts anyway.

Unfortunately, I had troubles with the Oliver + S raglan t-shirt pattern in Seth’s size. It looked too small for Seth (even the biggest size that the pattern offers), so I decided to add a little extra room at the fold in the front and back.

I blended the neckline and thought it might work, but it did not work! The neck hole was way too big. I should have realized that would happen before I tried it, but I’m still learning about pattern alterations…

When I tried the failed shirt on him (when it was completely finished except for the hem), the body of the shirt looked like it would be okay without the extra room anyway. So I decided to start over and make another one without adding anything extra to the pattern.

I got that one all finished (again, except for the hem) and tried it on him and saw that the shoulder area was way too tight for him. I didn’t notice that when I tried the first one on him because the neck was so floppy it wasn’t obvious.

By then, I decided to bag the Oliver + S pattern and just use my children’s t-shirt pattern. I really want a raglan pattern for Seth, so one day I’ll fix that pattern so it will fit him. Or better yet, I’ll alter my t-shirt pattern and make a raglan sleeve option.

So, it took all week to finish one t-shirt for Seth that actually fits!

He started our photo session out being goofy. And with a wet mark on his shirt from brushing his teeth.

Then he realized he was going to be late for school. Can you tell he hates being late?

Not happy!
I love the sassy little square pocket on the front. I copied the front pocket from the Oliver + S raglan shirt, but I made it a square pocket instead of rounded. The rounded one isn’t worth the extra work.
And here are the two failed attempts:

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