My Physics Jeans

Valentine’s Day t-shirts didn’t happen this year. After making their early t-shirts, I didn’t have enough fabric left over to make more. I ordered more fabric, but it hasn’t come yet. 

It doesn’t matter anyway because my coverstitch machine has been giving me grief for several months and I finally took it in to get fixed. It skips stitches no matter what I try. After spending several hours on it, I realized that I had to get it serviced because I just don’t know what’s wrong with it. And it ruins my stuff because the stitches come undone after a few washes since they’re so irregular in places.
Since it’s wovens or else, I made another pair of jeans for me, using my Angela Wolf pattern and the pointers I got from her Craftsy class again.

I used 6 oz Kaufman stretch denim and I think it made wonderful jeans that are just the right weight for me. I don’t like heavy denim because I feel like it pulls down off my waist.
I did distress these, but it’s hard to tell. I am a very cautious distresser I guess so I didn’t go all out. But after they’re washed a few times I think it will be more visible.
For the front pockets I tried using some pretty polka dot satin fabric. But I will never use satin fabric for pockets again because it slipped all over the place and was very hard to work with.
I feel like I got the fly so much better this time. It’s even and straight and I’m excited about that. Angela Wolf trims her zippers at the top instead of at the bottom and I decided to do it her way this time (last time I just trimmed it and tacked it at the bottom like I’ve always done). I’m so glad I did, because it is a much better way to trim a zipper. Then the zipper teeth go all the way to the top of the waistband and the zipper stays zipped all of the time. It looks better, too.

The back pockets of these jeans have a story to tell. When I was cutting my jeans out, my husband was next to me reading one of his Physics text books to get ready for work. I asked him what design I should put on my back pockets. He looked down at his book and said that I should do a wave packet on my jeans.
This is a wave packet:

I thought that would be a good tribute to my nerdy Physics husband, so I did it. He chalked the design on my pockets and then I sewed it.
I am totally hooked on making my own jeans. I can’t wait to make another pair. The hardest part is deciding which color!

P.S. We took all these pictures in Utah when we went down to visit family this weekend. I can’t wait until our part of Idaho is snow-free too.

6 thoughts on “My Physics Jeans

  1. Michelle Jensen

    They Look AWESOME!! I love the pocket design. It was perfect. I can’t believe how good you are at sewing jeans and clothes! IT is amazing. It never stops amazing me I am SERIOUS :)!

  2. Diana Burrell

    I found your blog because I was searching for jeans made from this denim, which I ordered from last month. Your jeans turned out so nice! I love the wave embroidery; very clever.

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