Seth’s Jeans

Seth needed some new jeans and so of course I wanted to make him some. But I couldn’t find any patterns in his size. So I used my Oliver + S Art Museum Trousers pattern and just altered it a little bit to make it more jeans-like. 

First, I traced a back yoke and back jeans pocket off of a pair of rtw jeans he already had.
Then I took the back pattern piece and folded it down a ways to get rid of the darts and also to make room for the yoke.
I knew from the last time I made these pants the regular way that Seth needed more crotch depth in the back, so I didn’t fold it down really far. If the pattern piece had fit him perfectly before, I would have been more exact and I would have measured my yoke piece and taken off as much as I added in (figuring in seam allowances too).
To assemble them, I sewed the yokes to the backs and used my newly drafted back pockets instead of the welt pockets. Then everything else was the same as a regular pair of Art Museum Trousers.

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