Jon’s Shirt #3 (Kwik Sew 3422)

I made Jon another shirt for work. For this one, I used some shirting fabric from that I really like. It is lightweight, but not so lightweight that it’s see-through.

Last time, attaching the collar stand to the shirt was the hardest part for me. But I feel like I did a better job this time. I made sure I cut all of my notches (sometimes I am careless and take pattern pieces off before I cut the notches) and I pinned a ton and it seemed so much easier.

My new machine embroiders letters, so I put Jon’s initials on the pocket. It was fun.

I love making him clothes because he never buys new stuff. I think he just hates spending money on something silly like clothes. But this shirt cost $8, and he can’t argue with that!

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