Move Successful!

Bryanna’s Clothes has now moved over here to Sweet Shop Sewing. There’s still a lot to do to make the change complete, but we’ve made a lot of progress. In case you missed my last post, it tells a little bit about why I changed sites.

I’m pretty happy about our new name and I’m going to tell you why we chose it. When I first started sewing, I was very driven to learn and I spent all of my free time down in my sewing room. Jon started calling my sewing room my “sweat shop” because he thought he was pretty funny.

Somehow, calling it my sweat shop morphed into calling it my sweet shop. The name just stuck and so we decided we might as well use that for the name of our little business.

Things are a little unorganized and scattered right now, but hopefully we can get things running smoothly soon!

One thought on “Move Successful!

  1. emily

    Fantastic shirts! Cannot believe how big Seth has gotten! He’s come a long way from that little guy who used to run you ragged through the church block. 😉


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