My Sweet Little Polo

Last August, I wrote about a sweet little polo top I made that was based off of a shirt I love from Downeast. I meant to make another one right away because there were a few things I did wrong that I wanted to see if I could get right.

Well, 7 months later I finally made another one.


I wised up this time and used my sewing machine (with a triple stretch stitch) instead of my serger to join the yokes to the front and back, and to attach the sleeves. Those places have gathers and the serger cuts the gathers off.


Front gathers


Back gathers



After I sewed those parts and the gathers were safe and sound, I finished the seam allowances with my serger.

I’m still trying to find the best way to do my placket. I interfaced half of the placket this time, but I think next time I’m going to go no interfacing and see how I like that.



I used some Ibiza stretch jersey knit from for this top. It is wonderful fabric that is so soft and has a great drape.

I am working on making a pattern for this top, and hopefully it will be done in the next several weeks.


2 thoughts on “My Sweet Little Polo

  1. shantel

    That really is a cute top! I love the raspberry color too :o) It actually reminds me of one that my sister gave me its one of my favorites too.
    And thanks for your comment it was rough but we survived, lol!

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