More Owen Clothes

I made Owen another pair of pants from my Oliver + S Field Trip Cargo Pants pattern. I left the cargo pockets off this time because I think they still rock without them, and they take awhile to make.




I used a poly/cotton twill from for these and I really like the fabric. I like having some polyester in there so the pants aren’t so wrinkly.




I also decided to use up the last of my camo fabric to make a t-shirt for Owen (using my pattern). I was hurrying to get the t-shirt done and I made the neck opening too tight. I knew I should have ripped it off and put another strip on that was just a bit bigger. But I didn’t because I thought maybe it would be ok if I just ironed it.

When he’s wearing it, he looks like he has an itty bitty pin head since the opening is waayy too small. Oh well. You can’t win them all!


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