My Running Top

I’ve wanted to try and make a running top for awhile because they cost so much money to buy. But I don’t have the right machines to make seamless garments so I’ve been afraid to actually do it. I found some super cheap spandex though, and decided I had nothing to lose.

I used this Burda raglan shirt pattern. The pattern doesn’t come with seam allowances, so I had to add those which was a little bit of a bother. Also, I think they made the instructions as confusing as possible. It’s a good thing the pattern was for something basic so I didn’t need the instructions.

But I like the pattern design a lot and I am going to make some everyday shirts out of it too. I love the gathers where the sleeve attaches to the body of the top.

My running top version turned out pretty good. I made my size as is this time, but next time I think I will make the neck opening a little smaller.



I’ve been pretty sick for the past week so I’ve only been able to wear this shirt for one short run, but that went well. We’ll see if the seams chafe me on longer runs.


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