The (Little) Boys’ Ties


I got Seth and Ezra and Owen’s ties done to match Jon’s tie.


For their ties, I used this free pattern and tutorial. I used the size 2-5T for Owen and Ezra, but Seth needed his tie to be bigger (he’s almost 9) so I slashed and spread the pattern to make it wider and longer. I added about 5 inches of length. I also made his neck piece longer than what is specified in the tutorial.

I added tie keepers to the ties like I show in my men’s tie tutorial. I made Seth’s tie last, and by then I thought of how cool it would be to embroider their names on their ties. Too bad it was too late to do the other boys’ names. Next time.

wpid608-20140417-182424.jpg wpid609-20140417-182429.jpg

Now, I’m just trying to finish my Easter outfit.

P.S. My latest fabric order came in the mail today. I can’t wait to make stuff out of all of this delicious fabric.

2014-04-17 17.56.59

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