My (Second) Running Top



I finished a second running top last night. I used the same pattern as I did for my last running shirt-Burda #127.

The neck opening was too big in the first top, so I altered that this time. I realized that the neck opening was so big because there was too much fabric in the chest area of the top for me (I am definitely not chesty). So Jon helped me make an invisible dart in the neckline of the pattern. Then, we added the amount that we took out of the top of the front back in at the bottom because the bottom didn’t need anything taken out of it.

I think the neck area fits much better now. I might end up making it even smaller for next time.


The first top I made was fine on short runs, but on my long runs the armpit seams started chafing me. I have a very close arm swing when I run and it causes me grief in the armpit area with a lot of my store bought running gear too.

So I dropped the armpit area down about 1 1/4″ for this second top. I think I could have only dropped it 3/4″ or 1″, but I wanted to be sure it wouldn’t chafe.

I ran a 10k race this morning in my new top, and it didn’t chafe a bit and I’m very happy about that.

I also lengthened the sleeves and added a band to the hem for this one.


The bottom band.

I am very pleased with this top. I am thinking I will be making a lot of my running gear in the future.

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