Easy Knit Shorts

I’ve been sewing more shorts for my boys because they all need a few pairs. I made Seth and Ezra both a pair of knit shorts using the Hampton Shorts pattern by Greenstyle.

I used Kaufman Laguna Stretch fabric for both of them. I used black for Ezra’s:


And blue for Seth’s.


He loves his laser pointers.

I made Ezra’s pair first. Before I started, I showed him the black fabric and the blue fabric and asked him to pick which color he wanted. He said he wanted black because he didn’t like that color of blue. So I made his black and used the blue for Seth. Then when Ezra saw Seth’s finished shorts, he said, “No fair! I want a blue pair!”

I’m just happy that he likes the shorts at all because he’s so hard to please.

This pattern is a very easy sew, but I don’t like that it only includes 1/4″ seam allowances. In my opinion that is not enough fabric to sew a sturdy crotch curve on a serger with. So for Ezra’s, I cut them one size bigger than he needed and then used a bigger seam allowance.

Seth needed the biggest size on the pattern, and then I still made some adjustments. I scooped the front and back crotch seams, I added some length to the back rise, and I added about 1/4″ to the outseam to help with the bigger seam allowance I was using.

My boys love pockets and they need them to store their treasures in.



Maybe it’s just me, but I could not make the pocket facing fit right. It was too short and when I aligned it at the top of the pants, there was a gap between where the facing ended and where the outseam started at the bottom of the pocket. But I just added some length to the facing and it was fine.

These shorts are easy and my boys love to live in knit so they are just right for them.



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