Father’s Day Shirt

Jon is super cheap when it comes to buying himself clothes (he never does), but he likes it when I make him clothes. I know it’s just because I can make them for so much less, and he doesn’t even have to set foot in a store (he hates shopping).

But I like making them too so it works out great. For Father’s Day, I made him another shirt using my Kwik Sew pattern.


This is the fourth shirt I’ve made for him so far. I’ve been tweaking the pattern a little bit each time. This time, I made the collar yet a little wider. I’ve widened it every time, and I think it’s finally wide enough now to fold down and cover his tie nicely.

I also took the sleeves in this time. They were way too wide for him. I think they fit just right now.


I love this fabric. It’s a cotton poly gingham and it’s so soft and it was great to work with. I also really like making men’s collared shirts.



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