Owen’s Birthday Shirt

Owen had a birthday last week and so of course he needed a new birthday shirt. I used the scrap I had left over from Jon’s last shirt to make it.


I used my Fishsticks Everyday Camp Shirt pattern, just like I did for his last button shirt.

I used some metal Dill Buttons that I got from fabric.com. I love Dill Buttons, and I really love how these look on this shirt.


This week, I’m working on getting the fit of my jeans pattern right so I can make a pair. It might take awhile, but I’m hoping I can figure out how to get them to fit the way I want them to.

We will see. But for now, I will leave with a couple more pictures of my sweet little boy in his birthday shirt.

wpid855-20140614-102927.jpg wpid849-20140614-103050.jpg wpid853-20140614-102931.jpg


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