Some Curtains And Fabric Panel Wall Art

We’ve been living in our house for three years now and I decided it was definitely time that we put some curtains up in our living room. I’ve been meaning to for awhile, but curtains can be so pricey.

Anyway, we drove down to Joann and picked out some fabric. Then we came home and got to work. Jon actually sewed the curtains while I watched a movie next to him. That might seem weird, but curtains really just involve doing some math and sewing straight lines, right? He’s really good at both of those things! Plus, I knew he would be able to sew them in no time flat. I am a careful sewer and he is fearless.

I was right. He finished the curtains way before I finished the movie.





I am definitely not a good home decorator. For that reason our house is very underdecorated and I don’t mind at all, but last week I saw a blog post about making fabric panels to put up on the wall and I fell in love. I love fabric so much and the panels seemed like they would be a very easy way to add some color to our house.

So I made a couple of those to go with the curtains.

I'll probably add more to it.

I’ll probably add more to it.

I think I’ll make a table runner too to go with our new decor.

I know it’s nothing fancy, but I really like how the curtains and panels have cheered up our space.

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