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New Tops

I bought a cut of fabric last summer that was $2.99 a yard. It was so cheap that I couldn’t pass it up, but when it came it didn’t look all that great. The fabric was pretty thin and not the best quality and so it’s been sitting in my stash all year.

Last week I decided I was sick of looking at it just sitting there on the shelf so I made a top out of it using my Burda pattern. It’s the same pattern that I have used for my running tops.

wpid1009-20140720-195040.jpg wpid1007-20140720-195055.jpg

It’s definitely not my favorite shirt I’ve ever made, but they can’t all be super duper awesome, right? And I’ll definitely wear it.



While my machines were all set for sewing with knits, I decided to make Seth and Ezra each a t-shirt. School starts one month from today (yikes!) and I have a goal to make them three new outfits each.


I planned on keeping the shirts hanging nicely in the closet until school starts. But I am just not good at that! It almost pains me to see new clothes hanging in a closet without getting any use. So when I asked them to put the shirts on so I could take pictures of them, I let them keep wearing them the rest of the day. I figure they’re going to get stained very shortly after they start wearing them regardless of when the wearing starts.

I used my t-shirt pattern for both shirts. I color blocked Ezra’s like I did his last one.

wpid979-20140725-085311.jpg wpid983-20140725-085346.jpg

The pocket on the front is a bit big, but I dig it.


Seth’s color blocking was easy-I just made the sleeves, collar, and pocket one color and the body of the shirt another color.



I used Robert Kaufman’s laguna stretch fabric for both shirts. I can’t remember if I’ve already talked about this or not, but I’ve gotten very picky about what knit fabric I use to make our clothes. There have been a lot of cuts I’ve bought that ended up being paper thin and the stuff I made out of them got holes really fast so now I try to only buy fabric from designers I know make good fabric.

wpid991-20140725-085608.jpg wpid981-20140725-085337.jpg

Now to live it up this last month of Summer while making school clothes at the same time.


Sunny Day Shorts For All Three


I finished a pair of Sunny Day Shorts for all three boys. I love this pattern-it has a really cute fit and it’s very simple.

I added front pockets (just like I did in the pair I made for Owen awhile ago) and back pockets to all three pairs. I used the front and back pocket pieces from my Oliver + S Field Trip Cargo pants pattern.

I used scraps of stretch denim I had lying around for all of them. I love stretch denim for my kids because it has that extra give that comes in so handy when they’re running and tumbling around.

Seth’s pair:

wpid956-20140716-085640.jpg wpid960-20140716-085647.jpg wpid958-20140716-085642.jpg wpid962-20140716-085701.jpg

I had to add about 3″ of length to his pair because I think this pattern is too short for boys.


wpid946-20140711-153236.jpg wpid944-20140711-153151.jpg wpid942-20140711-153127.jpg wpid941-20140711-153121.jpg

His pair is too loose on him, but I didn’t realize that until I already had the waistband on. Next time, I’ll take the outseam in for him. And I also added length to his pair.

And Owen’s pair:

wpid964-20140717-191341.jpg wpid968-20140717-191500.jpg wpid966-20140717-191450.jpg

I added rivets to his pair just for fun.

I didn’t have to add length to his pair because I cut a size 3T and he usually wears a 2T, but I did use 1 1/2″ wide elastic for his waistband and I only used 1 1/4″ in the other boys’ pairs, and I think that extra 1/4″ helped to make them longer too.

The summer is flying by so fast and I need to make all of them more shorts before the summer is over!

Rivet Press


My rivet press came and it was every bit as exciting as I thought it was going to be. I got right to installing the nipple rivets on the shorts I just finished.


I think those rivets make my jeans look very legit.

The rivet press is a little pricey for a tool that really only has one purpose for me, but I think it is definitely worth it. I have already spent so many hours installing rivets by hand and I plan on making jeans forever so I know it will get good use.

I had a hard time figuring out exactly what I needed to set nipple rivets, but I finally figured out that I needed the rivet press plus this die mold. Now I’m good to go.

More Denim Shorts For Me

It has been hot and we have been having a fabulous time outside so of course I needed to make me some more shorts to wear for all our adventures.


I made them just like my last pair, with a couple of minor changes. I added just a smidge more width to the top hip so that I could align the center front and not have a crooked fly like I did in the last pair. Last time, if I aligned the center front then it made them too tight to button.

I think this is the straightest fly I’ve ever made.


I also made this pair a little longer than the last pair. I’m not sure I am really digging this length, but what the heck? I thought I’d just try something different.

I used some stretch denim from I really wanted some brown denim because I’ve been loving the color brown lately for bottoms.

I haven’t put the rivets on these yet because I decided to order a rivet press and it hasn’t quite arrived yet so I’m waiting for it. I am sick of how long it takes to put the rivets in by hand. It gets so tedious! Plus, I really want to use nipple rivets like most ready to wear clothes have, but you can’t put the nipple rivets in by hand. Or at least I haven’t been able to find out how to do it by hand.

The rivet press is supposed to come on Friday and I’m pretty excited. I’m sure I will write all about using it.

wpid931-20140709-191218.jpg wpid933-20140709-192451.jpg


Pillow And Table Runner


I made a table runner and a pillow to go with our new curtains and wall art. They were super easy to sew and I finished them both in about 40 minutes.

I wouldn’t have been able to make them quite that fast if it wasn’t for Jon’s help. We spent the evening in the sewing room together. Is that weird? Hey, our sewing room doubles as a workout room and there’s a TV in there so I can watch Netflix when I have to run on my treadmill in the dead of winter. So we watched Sherlock while we worked on sewing projects together.

While I put the buttons on the shirt I just finished for Seth, Jon cut out the two long rectangles for the table runner. Then I sewed them up after I was finished with the buttons.


While I was sewing the table runner, he cut out the pieces to make the envelope pillow. Then I sewed the pillow and admired all we were able to finish in a short amount of time.


One of the very first projects I ever sewed was an envelope pillow just like this. I made three of them, actually. They’ve been living happily on our couch for the past 18 months. I am keeping the other two pillows I originally made for sentimental reasons, even if the fabric doesn’t exactly go with the new pillow. I like ’em together.


And that’s it. We’re off to visit family in the morning, so it will be a little bit before I finish another project.

Seth’s Sketchbook Shirt


Seth got a new shirt. I used the Sketchbook Shirt pattern from Oliver + S for this one. This was my first time sewing a shirt out of this pattern, and I wasn’t disappointed. All of their patterns are so nice and have great directions.

Their sizes go up to a size 12, and I do wish they had bigger sizes though. I thought that maybe Seth would fit into a size 12, but I made a muslin to check for sure. He’s the only one of my kids I make muslins for because he’s a little tricky to fit.

I ended up adding about 3 1/2 inches of length to the pattern. I think this pattern is a little short for my liking because Seth isn’t really tall for his age and even the size 12 was too short for him.

I also added 1/2 inch of width to each center front because the muslin fit a tad tight across his chest. Of course then I had to add an inch of length to the collar too.

And lastly, I dropped the armpit down 1/2 inch to give him some more room because it was too tight there too.

wpid910-20140701-112620.jpg wpid903-20140701-112544.jpg

I’ve been trying to talk Seth into wearing button-up shirts for awhile. It was a no go until I told him I could embroider his name on the front pocket. He thought that sounded awesome and said he’d wear one if it had his name.

After this shirt was all finished I gave it to him, making sure to show him the awesome pocket with Seth written across it. I held my breath as he put it on, hoping he wouldn’t find something he hated about it right away.

“I love this shirt!” he said with a huge grin on his face. But after a few seconds he looked at me with wide eyes and said, “The buttons are touching me, Mom!”

He hates it if anything itchy or rough touches him so I was worried it was all over and I’d never get him to wear it. But I got him to put on an undershirt with it and he wore it the rest of the day. Whew!

I used a cotton poly gingham just like I did for Jon’s and Owen’s last shirts. I kind of have a thing for gingham right now.

I will definitely be making more shirts with this pattern. I think I’ll have to buy it in Owen’s size too so I can make everybody one.

wpid902-20140701-112531.jpg wpid905-20140701-112550.jpg