More Denim Shorts For Me

It has been hot and we have been having a fabulous time outside so of course I needed to make me some more shorts to wear for all our adventures.


I made them just like my last pair, with a couple of minor changes. I added just a smidge more width to the top hip so that I could align the center front and not have a crooked fly like I did in the last pair. Last time, if I aligned the center front then it made them too tight to button.

I think this is the straightest fly I’ve ever made.


I also made this pair a little longer than the last pair. I’m not sure I am really digging this length, but what the heck? I thought I’d just try something different.

I used some stretch denim from I really wanted some brown denim because I’ve been loving the color brown lately for bottoms.

I haven’t put the rivets on these yet because I decided to order a rivet press and it hasn’t quite arrived yet so I’m waiting for it. I am sick of how long it takes to put the rivets in by hand. It gets so tedious! Plus, I really want to use nipple rivets like most ready to wear clothes have, but you can’t put the nipple rivets in by hand. Or at least I haven’t been able to find out how to do it by hand.

The rivet press is supposed to come on Friday and I’m pretty excited. I’m sure I will write all about using it.

wpid931-20140709-191218.jpg wpid933-20140709-192451.jpg


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